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We’re just two dudes from Los Angeles that have been hosting Filipino family style dinners out of our humble abode. We have no proper training. We have no proper experience. We only have our hands, minds, and hearts. We’re not here to change the game but we are in the pursuit of culture, a culture of food. We believe food is the first barrier of entry to another person’s world. Food gives us the first taste of someone else’s history, experiences, and culture. The table we share is what brings people together. People bring shared experiences. Shared experiences bring community. Community brings belief. Belief brings change. Break bread with us.


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Our dishes are a culmination of our experiences as second generation, Asian-Americans growing up in Southern California. Everything from street tacos and Korean fried chicken to tocino and dim sum, these are some of the foods and flavors that have shaped us through the conversations we have with the people we share them with. 

A rctngl is the shape of most dining tables. To us, tables represent connection. More than a flat surface upon which to eat, the table can be the heartbeat of a family. It’s a place to gather, talk and to reconnect. The dining table has always been a symbol of many things: the place where we nourish ourselves, where we come together, celebrate important milestones, share experiences, and create new understandings.

Regardless of other differences, all cultures across the world (and through time) view the dining table with the same significance.


If you are interested in booking for an event or a private dinner, send us an email and we can provide you with more information.

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